Purple Hair DON’T CARE

It took me almost the whole summer to get my hair to a point where I could color the ends any color I wanted. It was a long process because I didn’t want to bleach my hair all in one go and totally damage/fry/kill/torture my ends.

So every two weeks of summer, my hair stylist and I would bleach my ends little by little and I’m very happy with the results! I definitely recommend this process if you’re thinking of bleaching your hair and you’re coming from a dark foundation (black or dark brown hair) — along with weekly hair masks and treatments to maintain moisture and hydration.

Of course, my hair isn’t perfect by any means…but I do enjoy the texture and feel that bleaching gave my ends and I’m even happier that I’m able to dye my hair any color! So what’s the flavor of the month? PURPLE!

I’ve been using Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS hair colours to stain my bleached ends. What I love about this brand is the fact that their hair colours are stains instead of permanent hair dye. So every time I wash my hair, a little colour comes out and gets progressively lighter. Since I don’t wash my hair every day, the colour last anywhere from 3-4 weeks!

I’m able to do the application myself which is really nice (even though it can get pretty messy) and I can experiment with any colours I want! Pravana has such a wide variety of colours to choose from that are great for multiple occasions or events like birthdays, festivals, vacations, holidays, etc.!


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2 responses to “Purple Hair DON’T CARE

  1. I love it! I go between white + purple and love it!!

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