ThirdLove? My love!

You know what I really love? Luxurious European inspired lingerie that makes me feel beautiful, fits perfectly, and most importantly, doesn’t put a hole in my wallet. You babes know I’m obsessed with lingerie, and I’m so excited to share this fabulous company called ThirdLove with you all. I’m honestly in love with this company…they truly care about their customers and offer bras for ALL sizes (yes half-sizes included)!!

You also have the ability to personalize your bras by adding trims, bows, and straps in your favorite colors. How amazing is that?! The quality of fabric is amazing, there is so much detail, such beautiful styles and colors…ugh I wish I could have them all!! Not to mention, their prices are totally budget friendly 🙂 What’s not to love about this company? Go check out their website and fall in love with them for yourself!!




One response to “ThirdLove? My love!

  1. Those are beautiful! I love feminine pieces!

    xx Cara

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