Simplicity in Jewels

If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with gold jewelry…especially simple pieces. What I love about simple jewelry is how you can wear it with any outfit, any day of the year. Simple jewelry classifies as staples in my wardrobe and I’m so honored to promote some beautiful minimalistic pieces from Irina Victoria Jewelry.

I have been wearing my coin necklace and ring almost every day since I received them in the mail. I love wearing the ring by itself and layering the necklace with other simple pieces. What’s really cool about some of this company’s jewels is the fact that you have the ability to “stamp” them. Meaning you can personalize them and truly make them your own! I decided to monogram my coin ring with a “C”, but left the necklace blank because I like it just the way it is.

With very reasonable prices, the ability to personalize, and highly durable quality, IV Jewels are perfect for gifts (especially since the holidays are coming up)! From body chains to rings, I promise you’ll fall in love with these feminine and minimalistic pieces, just like I did! 🙂


Temporary Tattoos: Jewel Tats



2 responses to “Simplicity in Jewels

  1. Cara ! Very chic look! Greetz Edwin.

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