Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is a few weeks away babes! And there isn’t a lot of time left when it comes to planning and buying presents! I love giving gifts to my friends and family, but sometimes it can be pretty hard to figure out what to give them. I also like buying presents for myself….I mean who doesn’t right? I always try to plan my presents early, so I’m going to share with you babes some products that I think would be perfect for holiday gifts! Enjoy!

10647134_702992596434027_8101429072743544950_n10712913_727079854025301_4308402962147463991_nThe Beach People – These round towels are absolutely stunning. I think they are a wonderful gift to give, especially for friends or family members who enjoy swimming or going to the beach! If you don’t want to spend $99 on one of these gorgeous beach towels (which could also be used as a blanket or throw), there is always the super cute beach tote bag for only $22! Order these items ASAP since they’re from Australia.

10336724_439864259482927_9054195802061483741_nSand Cloud – If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that Sand Cloud is an amazing company that not only cares about the comfort of their customers, but also the upkeep and preservation of local beaches in the San Diego area. Sand Cloud towels are reasonably priced, come in many fun colors, and ultimately will enhance your overall beach experience! I absolutely love my purple one 🙂

lani-528-528x528                       Lani Tropical Hair Treatment – Since I’ve used this product many times and have seen great results, I would recommend this hair treatment to anyone and everyone! The delicious smell and overall effects it has on damaged hair is amazing, and its the perfect size for a stocking stuffer!

_DSC8526_(1)Jar Body Scrub – With a wide variety of different colors and flavors, this body scrub will leave your skin feeling brand new and super smooth. Some of the things that I love about these Australian scrubs are that they aren’t tested on animals, they are 100% vegan, and there are no preservatives or additives in them. Plus they come in fun colors and smell amazing. That all sounds pretty great huh? Well babes, it’s always important to exfoliate and remove any unwanted features to achieve smooth skin, especially during the cold Winter months!! Only $22.95 per pack!

10339606_837021342984488_8664974332131300960_nLack of Color – Since I’m a huge hat enthusiast, this company is at the top of my list when it comes to gifts. With many different styles, colors, and prices, you’re sure to find a hat that suits your personal style or even a friend’s personal style. I love wearing hats not only because it helps keep the sun out of my face, but also because they add the finishing touches to an outfit.

10432485_597886253651313_4986757144771782075_nJewel Tats – If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your every day look (like me) or to put the finishing touches on an outfit for a special event, Jewel Tats are the best!! I seriously wear these all the time and get so many compliments on them. With the easy application, loads of different styles, and very reasonable prices, Jewel Tats are a perfect present to give! Only $8.99 a sheet!

frank_origFrank Coffee Scrub – Ah, my babe Frank. A deliciously smelling exfoliate solution that targets unwanted features such as dry skin, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne and scarring. This amazing body scrub comes in three different flavors (original, coconut, and cacao), and I highly recommend any of them! I used to have really dry skin, especially on my legs, but once I started using Frank my skin felt amazing and smelt very yummy! Only $14.95!

il_570xN.677449906_soad         Studio Mucci – How wonderful is this Christmas themed tassel garland? I’m seriously so obsessed and want one of these for every holiday, party, and special occasion!! With so many different color themes to choose from, and the ability to customize your own, these tassel garlands are perfect for the holidays! Check out their Etsy store and discover all of the amazing products they hand make!

DSC_0007Loving Tan – One of my favorite products of all time. This self tanning mousse not only smells delicious, but leaves your skin feeling amazing and most importantly…naturally tan. Whether your wanting a lovely sun kissed tan or a tan that says you’ve been to Hawaii for the past month, Loving Tan offers a wide variety of self tanning products that will surely fit your needs! I recommend buying the applicator mitt as well! Tea – Doing a teatox is very hot trend right now, and you’ve probably seen/heard about someone you know trying one and absolutely loving it! Well babes, my choice is SkinnyMe Tea and I wouldn’t recommend any other brand! This tea leaves me feeling less bloated, super energized, and overall puts me in a healthy mood. I love drinking this tea after a workout, as it replenishes my body and relaxes my muscles!

dw_36r_sheffield_1Daniel Wellington Watches – It’s always time for a new watch! Daniel Wellington watches are a perfect gift for someone you love. The simplicity and classic designs will make you feel dashing and ultimately go with any outfit. I wear mine 24/7 and always get compliments on it!

10672421_774008962661329_5817394747209909165_nBkr Glass/Silicone Bottles – How cute are these glass water bottles? They come in a variety of soft and original colors, are super affordable and are made with very high quality glass. This company cares deeply about their customers’ satisfaction, and takes every little detail into consideration when creating these wonderful bottles.

10394038_368311666655714_9088258632230220174_nAurora Candles – I love giving candles as gifts. They are perfect for anyones home and can totally transform the overall mood in a room. These hand poured candles come in many different scents and their affordable prices makes it easy for anyone to enjoy!

CELEBBOX_1024x1024BoxFox Gift Boxes – HOW CUTE IS THIS? I was literally so happy when I stumbled upon this company on Instagram the other day. What an amazing and fun idea – gift boxes that are filled with everything you need for any occasion! This one is obviously celebration themed, but go check out what other boxes they have!

1011278_10152529643558167_5830465659598502826_nLime Crime Lipstick – The ultimate lipstick that not only nourishes your lips and leaves them with a long lasting color, but they also come in every color you could think of! Even some crazy colors – so fun!



One response to “Holiday Gift Guide

  1. That Frank body scrub looks amazing!! I havent had the chance to try it yet but totally want to. Great gift guide, thanks for sharing! ❤

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