Bellbottoms & Backpacks

Let’s talk about two very hot trends that are hitting the fashion world hard this season: simple sexy bellbottoms and chic leather backpacks.

For some reason, I’ve kind of drifted away from skinny jeans this season (I’ll always have a place for them in my closet)…and moved more towards boyfriend jeans and bellbottoms! Whether it be stretchy material or denim, bellbottoms are a great trend for the winter months. I always pair my bells with a slouchy sweater or t-shirt, but some fashionistas like to pair theirs with tight tanks or crop tops!

And then comes the backpack. With so many different designs and styles – slouchy, leather, studs, zippers, drawstring, stiff, etc. – there is definitely a stylish backpack for every fashionista! Backpacks are perfect for on the go mentalities or if you just want to modern up your look.

I got this gorgeous leather backpack from Culture Riot. And my favorite pair of comfortable yet sexy bellbottoms are from Novella Royale. Sunnies from Sunglass Spot.




4 responses to “Bellbottoms & Backpacks

  1. Who takes your pics? You look beautiful…😜

  2. Love both of these trends! You pulled them both off perfectly.

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  3. you look incredibly chic1

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