Miami Photo Diary: Day 5

Have you ever heard of the Wynwood Walls in Miami? I had never been or even heard of this beautiful area before, but I’m so so happy that one of my family members advised me to visit. This area is full of bright colors and unique creativity around every corner. So many amazing photo opportunities! Take a look…..DSC_0211DSC_0212DSC_0215DSC_0223DSC_0207DSC_0188DSC_0186DSC_0183DSC_0185DSC_0172DSC_0159DSC_0171DSC_0144DSC_0145DSC_0137DSC_0149DSC_0150DSC_0157DSC_0156DSC_0153DSC_0148DSC_0130DSC_0129DSC_0125DSC_0123DSC_0124DSC_0120DSC_0122DSC_0105DSC_0065DSC_0042DSC_0045DSC_0047DSC_0001DSC_0004DSC_0016DSC_0198DSC_0203DSC_0201DSC_0003DSC_0083DSC_0085DSC_0092DSC_0093DSC_0086DSC_0089DSC_0052DSC_0058DSC_0057DSC_0055DSC_0099DSC_0072DSC_0069DSC_0070



2 responses to “Miami Photo Diary: Day 5

  1. So fun taking these pics of you ….

  2. Cara!! Nice outfit’s Merry christmas greetz Edwin!

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