A Day In The City

When I’m visiting home, I love going into San Francisco for a day to get lunch and do a little (a lot of) shopping with my mum. It’s something that we really enjoy doing together, while also hunting for new styles and trends for the upcoming seasons. Our favorite part of the city to go to is Union Square, especially around the holidays! The air is crisp, stores are decorated beautifully and the streets are buzzing with people searching for sales…DSC_0009DSC_0012DSC_0014DSC_0015DSC_0019DSC_0024

Coat: Zara

Shirt: Banana Republic 

Shoes/Hat: H&M

Sunnies: Sunglass Spot



4 responses to “A Day In The City

  1. brightandshiny87

    Love your jacket and the “Hello Sunday” t-shirt. Very chic.
    Bright Shiny Day

  2. Love the pairing of that jacket with your hat! Such a cool and chic look, perfect for a casual day out with friends or family!!


  3. jacket is super! Greetz Edwin.

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