My Current Wardrobe Essentials

With a new year comes new trends and opportunities to mix up your usual style. Is this post about how I’m bringing neon colors and wild prints into my closet? No! This post is simply about what kinds of wardrobe essentials you need in your closet and why you need them for this upcoming year! Let me share…

FullSizeRender.jpg-2First, a skinny pair of blue jeans. I’m a sucker for anything ripped, and these ones from Zara are literally perfection! They go with everything and they are super comfortable. Usually when I go out to eat and I’m wearing jeans, I’ll have to unbutton them towards the end of the meal since I have a bad habit of over-eating….but these jeans are like sweatpants! So no unbuttoning needed. Shop for some blue jeans here!

FullSizeRender.jpg-1Next, the basic white tee. As you probably already read in my last post, I absolutely adore basic tees. They are and always will be a wardrobe staple; they go with absolutely everything and are perfect for those days when you just don’t know what to wear! I have at least 5 basic tees in my closet, all in neutral colors. I prefer to get mine a little bigger so they are extra comfy and compliment my body when I wear skinny jeans. Shop for some basic tees here!

FullSizeRender.jpg-3-1Moving onto ankle booties! Booties are so hot this year and a great staple to have in your closet. Whether they have a heel or not, pointed or round toed…booties are a chic and trendy way to add a little edge to your outfit. I wear booties daily, and love how they make me feel! Sometimes I don’t feel so great about my outfit, but once I put my booties on they totally transform my look and attitude! They make me feel sexier, but with a classy touch. I especially love pointed booties! Every time I wear mine I feel like I have sexy weapons on my feet. Shop for some ankle booties here!

FullSizeRender.jpg-3Next: the color grey. Since my wardrobe basically consists of white, nude and black, adding grey to the line-up wasn’t a hard decision for me to make. I like wearing grey because it makes me feel lighter than when I wear all black. There’s definitely a softer feel to it. Some people find the color black intimidating or too harsh…so my advice is to wear grey! It’s a flattering color and gives off a softer vibe.

IMG_6828.JPGLet’s talk about tees with sayings on them. I’ve never really been a fan, but when the sayings are either french or really simple, I can totally handle it. Brandy Melville has mastered tees with sayings on them, and this is where I got this lovely C’est La Vie shirt. There are a few others that I have my eye on…shop for them here!

FullSizeRender.jpgUp next is hats! I absolutely love felt hats and think they add a fun flare to any outfit (not to mention they’re perfect for hiding bad hair)! Hats are super trendy right now and can be found all over the fashion world! I’ve gotten most of my hats from H&M or Forever21, but thrift stores also have some beautiful gems. I prefer the stiff brims over the floppy ones, but both styles are fabulous. Shop for some hats here!

IMG_6500.JPGLastly, big comfy cardigans! Unfortunately in California, fur coats and heavy jackets aren’t used as much like they are in other states. Of course, it is a blessing to have relatively warm weather year round, but sometimes all you want is super cold weather so you can wear your fabulous fur coats!! But anyways, warm cardigans get the job done and can add the finishing touches to your outfit. I usually wear one (or at least bring one) just in case there’s a chilly breeze passing through the air. I love Brandy Melville’s cardigan selection, and Urban Outfitters has some great ones too. Shop for some here!



3 responses to “My Current Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Great styling details …

  2. Love a pair of destructed jeans too, especially when they are from Zara!

  3. Great post as always! Everything is classic and can be paired in multiple ways, skinny distressed and booties are so cute…

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