The Juice Cleanse

I’ve recently been noticing that there have been times throughout the past few months where I just feel lazy, bloated, and overall sluggish (aka never wanting to leave my bed). Does this ever happen to you babes?

I feel like we all have these kind of “off-days” where all we want to do is watch Netflix, eat some (a lot of) junk food, and rely on caffeine to pick us up throughout the day. Really, all we need is a healthy pick-me-up to get us back on the right track! For me, a juice cleanse was the first thing that came to mind when trying to cure my overbearing couch-potatoness.

Juice cleanses have been gaining a lot of popularity recently, and honestly I think a lot of it is due to the fact that they create a start to healthy habits. One of my worst habits is late night snacking, and once I completed my one-day juice cleanse I haven’t had the urge to snack at night as much. What I really love about juice cleanses is how great you feel after completing them – you really give your digestive system a break from working so hard to digest heavier meals throughout a regular day. The day after my cleanse, I really did notice a boost in energy. Yeah sure, during the cleanse isn’t the most desirable (talk about being hungry/angry at the same time), but I promise your body will feel a whole lot better once you’ve finished! I kept a few almonds on hand throughout the day just in case I got too hungry.

I decided to go with a one-day juice cleanse from Project Juice. What I love about Project Juice is the simple and tasty flavors that they incorporate into their cold pressed juices — not to mention all of their juices are certified organic! With the one day juice cleanse, I was able to customize my pack and pick out 6 juices that I thought would best effect my body (and what sounded yummy of course). The company also offers different targeted juice cleanses and wellness packs which are great for three-day cleanses! My favorites juices were the Strawberry Chia and Almond Mylk, so so so delicious!

Have any of you babes done a juice cleanse before? Or are thinking of doing one? I highly recommend it 🙂




33 responses to “The Juice Cleanse

  1. This is great Cara I love how they allow you to pick your own flavors. I can totally relate with you on wanting to go on a cleanse from unhealthy eating habits lately! I have done one here in Chicago and it was the loooooongest 3 days in my life! I love to eat and the feeling of eating so I thought my jaw was complaining to me the whole entire time (feed me, make me crunch!) Anyhow thanks for sharing this, you have me wanting to go on a 3-day cleanse too now. Hehe~ 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • Thanks for your kind words Lena 🙂 I’ve heard that the 3-day cleanses are super hard but totally worth it!! My cleanse was only a 1-day, but still it was so hard for me not to snack!! I had to cheat a few times with some almonds hehe

  2. All those flavors sound so amazing! I’ve never done a juice cleanse. I do juice, and used to drink it every day, but never really tried going a whole day just drinking juice. I’ve seen and heard that it works for so many people. I’m not going to lie– the only thing that prevents me from doing a juice cleanse is its price. LOL!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

    • I totally know what you mean Connie, some juice cleanses are sooo expensive!! If you get the opportunity to try a cleanse, I highly suggest it! I think it’s good to have juices throughout the week, but also with a balanced healthy eating plan!! It was hard to drink juice all for one day, I was pretty hungry. But I enjoyed the way my body felt the day after, pretty refreshed! 🙂

  3. I always wanted to give a juice cleanse a try! Great review! I need to try it out!

  4. I’ve been having way too many of those off-days lately because of assignments! I’ve never tried one but always tell myself I should. That strawberry chia flavour sounds delicious. Did you get hungry during your cleanse? xx

    • Oh yes I did get quite hungry! Especially since I usually snack throughout the day. I just had some packets of unsalted almonds on hand for those times where I was unbearably hungry!! 😛

  5. Oh definitely, I have been debating a cleanse for a while now!

    xx Cara

  6. I’m really interested in trying a juice cleanse to reset everything and see if it improves my digestion! But I’m a little hesitant to try..I may try a one day juice cleanse like you and see how it goes! 🙂 Thanks for this post babe!

    Joy xx.

  7. Such a great post! I’ve been wanting to try one of these and this was super helpful:)

    Wishes & Reality

  8. Those look great, I did a juice cleanse for a week but I made them myself and I felt so much better afterward.Enjoy!

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

  9. love these fab drinks 🙂
    kisses in dubai ♥

  10. I would love to but my boyfriend always brings me off the wagon ordering pizza and steaks, so mean. But definitely trying it out for summer. Gotta get the work in. 😉 Those really look great!

    Chiara Marandellas

    • Haha totally understandable, my boyfriend likes to eat junk/heavy foods too (especially at night)! Let me know if you end up doing a cleanse, I would love to hear how it goes!! ❤

  11. Those juices look great babe! I haven’t tried them yet, but my little sister did! She said it was quite hard, but she felt so much better afterwards 🙂 Maybe I should try this too hehe 🙂 Thanks for sharing! xo Vivian

  12. I would LOVE to try this out! I recently did a tea tox and that was definitely my start of a healthier lifestyle. It’s been a solid couple of weeks now, I still work out 3 to 5 times a week, I overall eat healthier and I’m starting to see and feel some serious changes. I obviously no longer drink the tea, but it gave me that push ya know! :’)


    • I’ve tried some tea-toxes before too Naomi!! I love tea, so I really enjoyed the cleanse and how it made me feel afterwards. I’d say the benefits are very similar, like you said, helping to start healthy habits 🙂 Thanks for stopping by babe! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  13. How did you know I needed this post Cara? ;). I am so changing my eating habits and was seriously thinking of buying a nutri blender. I am still considering it, but until then, I think I may have to try out these juices first. I love the flavors. Thanks for introducing this product to me ;).

    Kia / The House of KTS

    • Hehehe I love reading your comments babe! They always put a smile on my face 😀 Let me know if you end up trying some juices, I’d love to hear your feedback!! Have a wonderful weekend my love!

  14. These juices are very nicely packaged and such. I’d just like to hear about your experience. I heard that some cleanses leave people with little to no energy because they aren’t consuming the foods that they need to get up and go, or enough calories. Is this all that you drink/eat while you’re on the cleanse?
    I’m really considering this 🙂 Thanks for sharing what looks to be some awesome products.
    Brooke | brookewrote

    • Hi Brooke! I definitely recommend trying out a juice cleanse. I really enjoyed mine! I did like the fact that I just did a one-day cleanse, I’ve heard the three-day ones are so hard!! But totally worth it. I’d never done one before, so I thought a one-day cleanse was my best option! I definitely got hungry, but ate a few almonds throughout the day when I was feeling low on energy. Let me know if you have any other questions babe! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  15. Cara, thank you so much for sharing!
    I definitely want to try something like that after pregnancy!
    These bottles not just healthy, but also soo pretty!

    xx Jane

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Jane!! Definitely consider a juice cleanse after your little babe comes along, it will definitely give you some more energy!! 🙂

  16. I’ve seen and heard so many positive feed backs from detox juices like this and I honestly want to try it for myself 🙂

    Looking forward to see more of your posts. Do you have an instagram account? Maybe we could follow each other. Let me know by leaving a comment on my blog or sending me a request. I’ll follow back 🙂 Thanks!

    IG: @shairangelique

    Have a nice day!


  17. Great outfit and your hair style is so pretty!

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