Paris 02

Falling even more in love with Paris…we got up at 5:30am to take pictures today!

It was cloudy but made for excellent lighting, and no one else was around! Felt like we had Paris all to ourselves 🙂




29 responses to “Paris 02

  1. Babe you just belong in Paris!! You look so Parisian chic! Hope you are having an amazing time!

    Joy xx

  2. Great photos, looks like you are having the best time! Enjoy it.

  3. Hope you enjoy your time in Paris. The photos are gorg.

  4. Paris is perfect no matter what time it is:) you are so talented photographer! Every photo is amazing!
    You look so chic and gorgeous, Cara!
    Love every single piece of your outfit! and again your hair mmm!
    Have a lovely week, girl!
    xx Jane

  5. So worth it! These photos are gorge. You make me want to visit even more lol

  6. These pictures were definitely worth waking up at 5 in the morning!:) Paris looks more beautiful than ever. Needless to say that it is the best location for outfit pictures:)

    You look great wearing that leather jacket and white skirt. Great monochrome look!

  7. Hey Cara!! Ooohh you’re in Paris right now!! How aswesome! I’m going to visit it next month 😉 Your pictures are ah-ma-zing and it’s worth to wake up so early babe 😉 You look stunning in your B&W outfit and I love how you did your hair! Can you teach me how to do it? 😉 Have fun! xo Vivian
    IG // @twowardvivian

    • Vivian my babe!! When will you be in Paris? I will be here until July 20th and would love to grab some coffee with you if you’ll be here around that time!! Let me know love! 🙂

      • Hi Cara!! Oh what a pity!! We’ll just miss each other otherwise I’d love to have a drink with you! We’ll arrive on 23rd of July and we’ll be there for just a couple of days 😉 xo

  8. What an amazing morning .. Happy to be here with you 😘

  9. wonderful pictures — you must be getting up early to take pics — there are no others around

    • Thank you! Yes we have been getting up SO early, around 5am! It’s great not having many people around though….these areas get so busy later in the day!!

  10. I love this look! That leather jacket and white skirt are super cute.

  11. Gorgeous look! So chic and feminine! And the background is breathtaking! Love, Mary

  12. You look beautiful dear! Amazing skirt

  13. Everything = stunning!

  14. Love how your outfit mirrors the architecture of Le Louvre. 🙂

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