Paris 05

Another beautiful, hot day in Paris! We ventured out to the Louis Vuitton Foundation museum which was such a lovely treat! I’ve heard such wonderful things about the architecture & the collection, it was such a pleasure to be able to see it with my own eyes.

If you’re in Paris, definitely take a day to check out this museum. The tickets are only 14 euro! Totally worth it. My favorite part of the exhibit was the yellow & mirrored pannels which were located on the bottom side of the building. So cool! We also had a fantastic lunch at the cafe located inside of the museum.

After the museum, we headed over to les grands magasins (French for big department stores like Printemps & Galeries Lafayette) to do a little (a lot of) shopping. In Paris at the moment, huge summer sales are going on where you can get from 30% to 70% off full priced pieces 🙂 What more could a girl ask for?!




10 responses to “Paris 05

  1. Your pictures are great!! Has the LV museum new?? Also, your lunch looked fabulous!! I’m truly enjoying every daily post. Thank you…..

    • Thank YOU for your lovely comment!! Miss you and the rest of the family so much, wish you guys were here! The LV museum is brand new and was so amazing. I want to take Grant there! I think he will really enjoy it 🙂 Oh and also, lunch was delicious!! Love you…. ❤

  2. Beautiful photography! I hope to make it out there some day!
    xo Lana

  3. Such a stunning building! I had no idea this existed! Love all of your Paris photo diaries because I feel like I am there with you! Maybe one day we can plan a girls trip 😉

    Joy xx.

    • Joy!! That would really be amazing. I would love to travel with you and take pictures all over the world!! Would be so fun 🙂 love you babe!

  4. love the colors!

  5. What an amazing place .. The LV museé is spectacular !! So glad to do it together .. Great lunch too ..

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