Striped Romper

Two of my favorite summer trends: stripes & rompers! I adore rompers like this one that look like a cute little dress from the front, but really from behind there are shorts attached! Comfortable & chic, could a girl ask for more??

Photographs taken by Grant Kinsey at Le Palais Royal, Paris.




13 responses to “Striped Romper

  1. Beautiful outfit! I agree, I like stripes and rompers too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! I love the stripes! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. Such a babe! Loveee this look so much! x Mary

  4. You lucked out with that stripey scenery, it looks great!

    Danika Maia

  5. Love the striped romper Cara! So Parisian Chic!!

    Joy xx.

  6. J’adore ces photos ..

  7. I totally thought this was a dress. How fun! And what a perfect location to match your stripes.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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