Grey Balenciaga

Grey is one of my favorite colors for Summer and the warmer months of the year. Black can be a little too harsh when it’s warm out (although I still wear it all the time…like in this photoshoot), so it’s nice to lighten things up a bit with different shades of grey.

Mixing grey with other neutral colors, like white and black, is one of my favorite things to do within my wardrobe. I think the colors go so well together and really compliment each other!

Check out this gorgeous dark grey Balenciaga purse that my mom bought while we were in Paris. So….it’s not technically mine, but sharing is caring right? 🙂




15 responses to “Grey Balenciaga

  1. Very cute every day chic outfit, balenciaga’s are just so versatile and make every outfit look good

    Agnes x

  2. Haha yes sharing is definitely caring! Love this look Cara, the grey definitely works well in summer 🙂 xx

  3. Lauren Nakagawa

    Grey all the way ☝️ 😊 nailed it.

  4. Always sharing with you .. OUI

  5. great staple bag! I like your stripe shorts!

  6. I like your shorts, the whole outfit looks great on you. And I absolutely love grey handbags, I feel like grey goes with almost everything 🙂
    V. NYC travel and lifestyle blog

  7. You rock that bag babe! Love the colour so much, grey is one of my favourite shades to wear and you style it beautifully!

    Joy xx.

  8. Gorgeous bag dear, loving the shape! xx Mary

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