Neutrals & Basics, formally My Life & My Wardrobe, was founded in 2013 to highlight the beauties of simplicity, minimal, neutral & basic lifestyles. N&B truly values clean & modern designs, while also encouraging pure creativity & individuality. In this space, the term basic is seen as something to be admired rather than something that is plain or ordinary. The main focus of N&B is to put the spotlight on simple wardrobe essentials, basic styles & neutral tones.

Cara Lilli Sivara, founder & editor of N&B, finds her inspiration in every day, natural details – as well as all things Parisian. Her mother, Lissa Sivara of Lillioop, is her biggest style muse & the creative director of N&B. While bouncing around between San Francisco & Paris, Cara has come to the ultimate conclusion that less is always more.

Thank you so much for visiting N&B, we are so happy to have you here!

4 responses to “About

  1. Hello, it’s great to find your blog!


  2. Love your blog, and as you probably know by now your instagram too 🙂

  3. Your blog is awesome, love your whole outlook and it’s so awesome to see people doing what they love. As a blogger myself, I think its so important to share what you love creatively and be passionate about the things that inspire you. Again, awesome blog. I look forward to more girl!!


  4. Hi Cara! Found your blog through Haberdashion, I’m also a featured blogger from SLO! Just wanted to say hi! Cheers 😉

    xo Lana

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