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Denim Talk

Since I’m a lover of all things basic, denim is definitely my “go-to” wardrobe piece when I’m deciding what to wear in the morning. Denim, whether it’s light blue, dark blue, black, white, grey…goes with everything in my closet (and super easy to style…I love it)! Just throw on a white tee and you’re good to go.

A girl can never have too many pairs of jeans! Or anything denim for that matter. To me, this is because all jeans and denim pieces are unique…from the way they fit to what shade they are (and how many rips they have). In my mind, having a wide variety of denim is always a good idea! But that being said, something that is so simple to style is sometimes so difficult to find.

I’m going to share with you three of my favorite denim brands. Even though these brands are completely different, all of their denim fit me so well and allow me to create those neutral outfits that I’m oh so crazy about 😉


First up…AYR denim.

I absolutely adore these black jeans because not only are they super comfortable, but they make me feel like everything is being “held in tight”….if you know what I mean. Don’t you just hate it when you have to constantly pull up your pants? These babies fit like a glove and still allow me to eat something without having to unbutton!

This brand is a little more expensive, but totally worth the investment. Great quality!!


Next we have my favorite brand of all time…Zara denim!

One thing that I adore about Zara denim is that you have such a wide variety of styles to choose from. Whether it be solid dark blue or light grey, skinny or boyfriend, solid or distressed…Zara offers the whole range! I find that Zara denim is pretty comfortable, but not as tight as AYR. So yes, sometimes I have to pull up my pants throughout the day as they loosen up (since I don’t do belts).

Zara denim is also very affordable…


Last (but not least) is DSTLD denim.

This brand is all about giving you luxury denim pieces without the big retailer mark up — which is pretty sweet if you ask me. I have a lot of pairs from DSTLD and they are definitely on high rotation in my closet. My favorite pair are these dark navy cigarette leg beauties.


What are some of your favorite denim brands? Let me know babes!


An Essential Romper

Rompers are one of my favorite wardrobe pieces to wear during the warmer months of the year. I like them better than sun dresses and mini dresses since sometimes (we all know) mother nature can be a little breezy.

Here are some characteristics that I look for when shopping for rompers:

1. They aren’t too tight (to the point where they give you a massive camel-toe). I love more comfortable and stretchy materials!

2. They are the right length. Sometimes I see girls with their butts hanging out of their rompers! While some of them might have nice butts, for me, I’d rather keep my butt covered.

3. They are solid or simple designs. I’m all about the basic and simple rompers, they go with everything!

4. I’m able to layer them. I love pairing a simple romper with a leather moto jacket or a warm cardigan, and some delicate jewelry of course!

5. I’m able to wear wedges or booties with them. Rompers are already considered pretty casual, so I like to spice them up by adding a fun pair of shoes!

So after reading my 5 “must-have characteristics” of rompers, you babes might be thinking….where can I find a perfect romper!? Look no further!

Check out this super comfortable and chic romper from Living Doll LA. Not only am I obsessed with this romper because it’s black and comfortable, but also because it was handmade in the heart of Los Angeles. I love being able to support local businesses who really put a lot of care and dedication into their work.

What do you babes think of rompers? I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Can’t wait for the long weekend, I’m off to Tahoe for the holiday! 🙂



Oversized Coats

Even though it feels like summer out here in California, I still manage to find times throughout the day where I can wear my winter coats. I simply love them because they’re great statement pieces and are best paired with fitted dresses or bottoms to balance out the proportions (so one does not look bulky). I’m also really obsessed with the jeans/booties/white tee look paired with an oversized coat- so trendy! And whether it’s a solid color or a fun print, oversized coats are a super chic style that I’m loving right now.

So…check out this gorgeous leopard print coat from Fevrie. I’m simply obsessed! I love how fun the colors are – even though they’re a little brighter than my normal color palette, the shades are chic and sophisticated. The quality is fabulous, the length is perfect…what a great piece to spice up my wardrobe with!

I have a pretty sweet surprise for you babes….go ahead and take 25% off anything from Fevrie’s online store! Seriously, they have some beautiful pieces and I can’t wait to add more to my closet! Use the code “clsivara” at checkout 🙂


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