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Coachella ’16 Photo Diary

Coachella is my¬†favorite festival of the year. Not only is the music, food, and atmosphere on point…but the fashion is truly inspiring! Check out some of my shots from the weekend. I can’t wait for next year!




The Festival Hippie: Super Chic

Today I was thinking about the ultimate music festival: Coachella. I have been saving up my hard earned cash from my summer job for next years festivities-not only does this mean buying one hell of an expensive ticket, but also clothes, drinks, camping necessities, water, food, etc. Going to Coachella is a huge¬†ordeal. You really have to be prepared for celebrating and listening to music constantly all day, unbelievably hot desert weather, not being able to shower, camping, and keeping yourself hydrated. You might think, is it really worth it? And let me tell you, even though I have not been yet, it is most definitely worth it. It is such an amazing and different experience, you have to go at least once in your young life! Plus you get to wear some sweet festival clothing. Who doesn’t love being a hippie for a weekend? So I have decided that next year is going to be my year. I have made that promise to myself. So with Coachella in mind, I decided to create an outfit that I can see myself wearing in the desert, listening to music all day.

IMG_8165 IMG_8169 IMG_8183 IMG_8197 IMG_8217 IMG_8226

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